Our Story

100 plus years and going strong

For over a hundred years our church has served the Upper Clutha Community in Wanaka, Hawea, Luggate and Tarras

We have grown and changed with our community.

Imagining the future!

Hospitality is at the heart of the Gospel and we knew we had to expand our facilities when we ran out of room to offer a warm welcome to those we serve in the community– especially young families with children. Our primary motivation was to ensure a thriving gospel witness to our community for decades to come. And we wanted our church to be a gathering place for church and community for the next hundred years. 

For eight years an inspired team consulted and networked and prayed together toward a vision of how best to transform our church buildings and unlock the necessary resources to meet this challenge as we seek to bring life and growth to our church. 

We were convinced the expansion of St Andrew’s was the right way to go…and achievable.

After nine years of planning, in 2013 we opened our new facility the Wanaka Presbyterian Community Church Centre.